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We are a 39 bed hospital designed to focus on long term intensive medical care, this is a cost effective alternative to extended stays in a typical acute care hospital. We serve the adult population who require a high level of care for longer periods of time than provided in short term stay hospitals. This care could include invasive forms of assessment, observation, management, monitoring and therapy, which can include Physical, occupational, and speech therapies. We also have in room dialysis, critical nursing, respiratory therapy, nutritional therapy, pain management, IV therapy, Complex wound Management, Cardiac and Pulmonary rehabilitation. Nurses monitor patients on a continuous care basis with daily Physician visits. Our Specialty Care Hospitals medical Director is Dr. Parvez Karim, who over sees the continuous, compassionate individualized care for each patient.

<center>Vearnail Rowe Herzog, MBA<center>

Vearnail Rowe Herzog, MBA

Chief Executive Officer - Allegiance Specialty Hospital of Greenville

Vearnail Rowe Herzog is the Chief Executive Officer of Allegiance Specialty Hospital, a position she has held since August 2012. In this role she is responsible for the leadership and oversight of the Hospital and the IOP.
Ms. Herzog has over 25 years of healthcare leadership experience in hospitals. She was honored to return to the Delta area and be able to serve her community in her current role. She states, “At ASH we know each patient is very unique and we never forget that we’re serving patients in delicate situations. We are happy to offer care when families need it most. We couldn’t do the work we do without the dedication and clinical excellence of our staff. Our people truly set us apart.”
Ms. Herzog currently serves on the Executive Committee for Washington County Economic Alliance, is a member of the American College of Healthcare Executives and the Mississippi Rural Hospital Association. She is married to John Herzog and they have eight children and one grandchild.

<center> Dr. Karim<center>

Dr. Karim

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