Allegiance Specialty Hospital employs four nurse liaisons that are the gateway to the referral process. The liaisons are trained to screen a potential patient and present information to the physician. They serve as patient advocates and community educators to establish a relationship between the patient, patient’s family, and ASH. They collaborate with the referring facilities to guarantee a positive and stress free transition upon admission. Please contact the liaison department for questions regarding: services provided, qualifications for admission, insurance coverage, provider selection, or any other concerns you may have. Clinical liaisons are here to guide you to a great experience at the LTACH of the Delta.

Landon Fratesi

Marketing Coordinator


Debbie Lewis, LPN

Clinical Liaison

Territory: Mississippi (ex: Jackson, Oxford, and Cleveland)

Kelli Stoker, LPN

Clinical Liaison

Territory: Mississippi (ex: Greenwood, Clarksdale, and Starkville)